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Chobham Adventure Farm will give children chance ‘to have fun and blow off steam

The adventure site, off Bagshot Road, will have an indoor play facility, a outdoor play facility and an animal farm.
A new adventure site in Chobham will be seeking to challenge children according to its owner.
Bean Chapman, the owner of a nursery off Bagshot Road, is looking to build an indoor play facility, an outdoor play facility and an animal farm.
He is closing in on completing the first phase of the Chobham Adventure Farm, the indoor arena, but he says it is not a ‘soft’ playing area.

Mr Chapman said: “It is a chance for children to have fun, to blow off steam. It is where kids can come and challenge themselves in a closed environment.
“Kids these days can’t do anything without health and safety being upset, or cannot cycle down the road because parents are upset they might get abducted. It is an opportunity for children to challenge, push themselves in the controlled environment.”
The site will feature a restaurant, whose menu will include recycled water and gluten free food.
The outdoor facility and animal farm are not expected to open until spring and summer next year but the indoor play area is almost complete and is expected before Christmas.

“We are doing all recruitment at the minute, we have a recruitment day next week involving 50 odd people,” Mr Chapman added.
“We have a key member of staff in place, a retail manager, a house manager, just waiting to get the remaining staff sorted.
“Getting the right staff, and training them, that’s our next and final hurdle.”